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Medi-Cal Planning Lawyer

If you or a loved one is seeking Medi-Cal benefits, you should speak with an attorney about Medi-Cal planning. To speak with an experienced Medi-Cal planning lawyer, call the Law Offices of Stanley A. Hutchinson at (714) 964-0103 or (951) 695-4946. Our offices are located in Fountain Valley, California, in Orange County, and in Temecula, California in Riverside County.


Medi-Cal and Medicaid

Medi-Cal is what California calls the federal medicaid program. It is designed to provide assistance for people with a mental or physical challenge, such as a stroke or other disabling conditions.


As a general rule, Medi-Cal does not cover at-home care (it will pay a limited amount for limited hours of in-home support services). Medi-Cal covers care provided at a skilled healthcare facility, nursing home facility, or other approved facility.


If you receive Medi-Cal benefits, the government may be able to seize your assets for reimbursement of your Medi-Cal costs after your death. However, the law does provide certain ways of shielding assets from government seizure. Our firm can help in this regard.


Through transfer of your assets under Medi-Cal rules, or transfer of assets through a personal services contract, you may be able to transfer your assets to a loved one. As an example, you may be able to enter into a personal services contract by which you pay a loved one an up-front lump sum payment for home care services. This is perfectly legal. However, you must be able to draft the appropriate legal documents using precise language.


This is a complex area of the law. To succeed, your personal service contract must pass the scrutiny of a case worker for the California Department of Health Services. Each County has its own division to administer Medi-Cal benefits. To protect your rights, it is best to contact an attorney experienced in this area of the law.


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Let us put our experience and legal knowledge to work for you and your family. We have extensive experience in Medi-Cal Planning cases and have helped many clients protect their assets from government seizure. For assistance, call our office at (714) 964-0103 or (951) 695-4946. If you have questions about Medi-Cal or Medicaid benefits, feel free to contact us by e-mail for assistance.